9.0 out of 30

Why does “being drunk” make people defensive? Wasn’t that your objective?

I have to say that I can sometimes be guilty of this myself. Though, in a sober state, I always wonder why we get so defensive about being drunk.

Two drinks in, start to slur a word here and there, and your friend calls out, “HAHAH, you’re drunk.” To which some people reply, “NO I’M NOT!” Its so hilarious! Like, isn’t that the point you are trying to get at though? Didn’t you drink these drinks with the idea that you just might possibly get drunk? But yet some of us still tend to get so defensive about being called drunk.

Is it because we want to hold our weight? Seem cooler because we can drink soooo much? Lol, it just was a thought of mine to discuss this. Because I have not been drunk in awhile, almost 2 years maybe? And I wanted to know what you all thought. Do any of you get this way?? Or is being called out on being drunk no big deal to you? Why do you think other people get so defensive about it? Leave me a comment, lets discuss it!

And to be honest, when I have had those, “no, i’m not,” moments, I have no idea why it was such a big deal to be drunk. It seems like maybe I was almost embarrassed? Which now just seems so stupid. Things that make you go HMMMM.


8.0 out of 30 

Do you have a phobia??
I most definitely have MANY phobias. & a good majority are totally irrational. But yet I am freaked out irregardless. It’s always so interesting to know someone’s phobias. If they have the story behind why, it makes the whole thing so much more interesting. 

Before we get into this topic, I’d like to point out the two types of people in this world. & how they deal or approach other people’s phobias. The first type of person, is the jackass. This person here, is the type that the minute they find out what someone is scared of they use it against that person. They want to scare people & not think twice. They think the thing that a person is afraid of is silly & they can’t be THAT scared. 

Then there is the sympathizer. This person understands that no matter how silly someone’s fears are, they too have silly fears that really suck to have. 

So with that being said, one of my VERY irrational fears is of GECKOS. Yes, those little “cute” lizards from Hawaii. & Geico commercials. & probably other places but I’m from Hawaii so it’s all I know! Lol. I hate the way they move. I hate their sticky little fingers. I hate that their tails fall off & wiggle around & new tails grow back! Lol. I’m going to assume that an interaction I had with them as a child just must have scared me and creeped me the fuqqqqq out. I don’t know the exact incident. But I know I very much don’t want to ever have to deal with them. 

Another fear of mine, that I personally don’t see as irrational but people who don’t believe would think it is, is ghosts. Those bitches are scary. & i know its a combination with darkness because that’s when my imagination really grows. But for me, when I was a child, my childhood home had disturbances in it. & it really fucked with me. Like I have soooooo many stories that are just really unexplainable. & it just makes me so terrified of these spirits. To the point that when things happen unexplained it’s a big NOPE, you win, I’m out of here bye. Lol. They just really get my adrenaline kicking. 

A funny one I’ve heard of is tomatoes. Like the fruit that you eat! A family member of mine is completely utter grossed out freaked out scared of tomatoes. She can’t watch people eat them. She can’t really being around them. It’s so funny because it’s good, but clearly something happened in her life that left her scarred! 

What fears do you guys have? That are completely debilitating irrational. I have other fears of course but nothing that I’m so just completely a fool about. Let’s have a conversation. Tell me about one that you have or that you have heard of. 

7.0 out of 30


Halloween is one of those holidays that has been around forever & probably isn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon. Halloween is one of the oldest holidays there is! & look at it go. (Four months away, & I’m already freaking out that I’m behind schedule, btw.)

Halloween was originally a pagan holiday celebrating the dead. We celebrate Halloween on October 31, All Hallows eve, which is the last day of the Celtic calendar. The Celtics & others over 2000 years ago believed that spirits roamed the streets at night. & some of these spirits were not so great. & on October 31 they believed that the two worlds overlapped. & so they held ceremonies & rituals to give offerings to these nasty spirits, in hopes that next years crop would be all awesome & flourish. & not be dead and have everything sickly.

Now we have some how turned that old way, into trick or treating and dressing up. I personally, at the ripe age of 25, still love trick or treating. & quite frankly am so glad I have my son to live vicariously through. *insert winky face here* But I will never not dress up! I can’t stop won’t stop. & most times I like to stick to Halloweens original theme of ghosts, goblins, ghouls, etc. it’s just more fun that way to me.

I’m excited to have another mainland Halloween. I am thinking after trick or treating we may need to have a bonfire. & roast some marshmallows to music instead of whatever they might have roasted during rituals. Lol.

The facts here are very correct in my own type of way. You can always use google for more precise information. I just absolutely love Halloween. So I wanted to share it with you.

A lot of people keep asking me when I’m going to cut Braedyns hair. & my answer is literally “after Halloween.” Why? Because he is going to be chucky doll. Honestly the way his hair is growing out, i just see it. Got inspired. I was chucky a few years ago, but Braedyns gonna “kill” it. Mine was online generic, but his will be like home made. Which means I’m running behind & I need to go shopping & hunting & searching now!!!!

Anyways, I’m going to have to talk to the husband & see what he thinks that we should be. I think we can come up with something fun & exciting since we have decent amount of time left. I’ll get back to you all when we decide. Or maybe I’ll keep it a secret!

*6 out of 30

I’ve spent the majority of my life in Hawaii, so this recent move sure is changing things up. I thought it would be fun to explore and share some facts from both states. A little way to say goodbye to one & to welcome in the other.

Lets start simple. Like with their names! Montana is derived from the Spanish word “montaña” meaning “mountain” or more broadly “mountainous.” Hawaii is derived from the proto-polynesian word “Hawaiki” meaning “place of the gods” or “Homelands.” Now Hawaii, I get it, we had our Hawaiian mythology, but Montana’s name is pretty spot on! That state is very mountainous! Big, giant, powerful, & strong mountains. Hawaii’s name, to me, is something that is more so felt spiritually. & some people don’t ever get to feel that.

Montana has had dinosaur eggs found on egg mountain that closely resembles mammals & birds rather than reptiles. In Bozeman, MT the  museum of the rockies houses the largest collection of dinosaur remains in the US. They have the skull of the largest Tyrannosaurus ever discovered. That is something I’m definitely wanting to see while we live there. I think eventually Braedyn will probably think its neat to see also.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 3.48.47 PM

In Hawaii we have a happy face spider. Or scientifically known as the Theridion Grallator. They are a yellow bodied spider w/markings that resemble a happy face. Each of the spiders differ slightly depending on what island they are on. Might be that they are adapting differently to their surroundings. I have never personally see one. Spiders are still bigs even if they have cute smiles on them. So I probably don’t need to see it anyways!

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 3.55.28 PM

Apparently, Montana has more cattle in testate than they do Humans. Isn’t that crazy?! But @ least I know that we won’t be going hungry anytime soon!

Hawaii is one big melting pot. That’s why we call it things like “chop suey.” You got all ingredients thrown together all mixed up in one big dish. Same as Hawaii. There is no racial minority because there are just so many races coming together in the pacific.

Well there is a few facts about my old home, and my new home! I hope you guys enjoyed reading the blog post! Have a blessed day!

*5.0 out of 30

Bad habits! YUCK! 

Today I will talk a little about some of my bad habits & maybe just some known common bad habits. Why? Well, why not?!

One of my ‘bad habits’ is fidgeting. When I get nervous or anxious, (which is like all the time!), I fidget. I either twirl my rings around, shake my leg or ankle, play with my hair or a combination! When I notice myself doing it, it bothers me & I make the conscious effort to stop, but subconsciously I start doing it. I haven’t done my research on how to be more confident or how to stop doing my bad habits & start creating good habits! If anyone has some suggestions, I am all ears.

Another bad habit of mine brought on again by nerves or anxiety, is to bite the inside of my lips or cheeks. & I’m not talking a little nibble, sometimes it gets to bleeding & next day its a canker sore. No joke. Please don’t judge me! I just don’t handle my stress like a BIG GIRL. It is something I’ve struggled with for a very long time, & its also one of the reasons I got my tongue pierced. (OH MY WORD! YES! MY TONGUE IS PIERCED. I promise it will be okay, for all you nonbelievers of body piercings). Anyways, I got it pierced because I play with it & pull at it instead of biting my lips opens. It’s a nice alternative that doesn’t leave me in pain.

We all know one of those really awesome bad habits that happens to effect a lot of people. Its smoking! Nicotine, that freaking killer, you! Well, I used to be one of those people with this very NASTY bad habit. I just recently kicked that one in the bucket about a month & a half ago. I do have to say, that it is so freeing. They are right, those anti cigarette commercials, that we are chained to it. ” ….. oh hold up guys, I need a smoke break.” Like UH UH! That $H@& doesn’t hold me back anymore. & I couldn’t be more happy & healthy! What a bonus!?

I had to do some research on bad habits because I realized I couldn’t figure out one that I didn’t sometimes do. SO, I found the nail biting! AH HA, nail biters of the world, I GOT YOU on this one! This is something that I actually never had to struggle with. I have had friends & family though who did & I don’t understand it. But I do understand why! Because of above listed reasons. Did you know it is one of the big YUCKIES of the bad habits because it can get you sick! I didn’t know that, but it could. I guess because of all of lifes awesomeness gets caught up under your nail, & when you bite it off, it gets in your mouth, & even when you spit your nail out, you might get some bacteria stuck to your tongue, & it travels down your throat & so on! (Like my run on sentence? My apologies, I just had to. Imagine tiny old me in a one breathed rant right there. lol.)

Another one I came across online was nose picking. I know I know. I honestly understand why how & whatever. That it is a bad habit. But I think its a bad habit at certain times. Because honestly, I pick my nose, & I pick it with pride! I have to. There are just some days when those little stinkers get caught up in your nose & you really are left with no choice but to dig on in. I just think there is a time & place. & children definitely need to be instilled on this little when & where bit.

What are some of your bad habits? Do you have a process of eliminating those habits? Or are you like me, stuck with dealing with them on an almost daily basis? Don’t worry if you are, we can band together to figure it out! Hope you all have a wonderful & blessed day!

*4.0 out of 30 

Let’s talk about guns! 

Oh the wonderful world & it’s guns. & there’s so much political nonsense going on about it. & that is one thing I promise this blog post isn’t headed towards.

The first time I have every shot a gun, (a real life bullet & gun powder gun) was 3 years ago. & believe it our not, that was my only time. I grew up in Hawaii, so I never really had a need for a weapon. Literally you don’t need to pack heat to feel safe in Hawaii.  & I was not raised on hunting. So I lived a carefree gun free life.

My husband, on the other hand, was raised in Montana & on the hunting life. So he knew & was comfortable with guns. Plus he was in the military. & honestly there isn’t a thing wrong with how either of us were raised. It was just completely different. Lol.

Now I have absolutely no problem with guns. So long as the person wielding the gun knows what they are doing. I just never cared to learn because I had no reason to learn.

& I never would have thought I wanted a gun, & normally I wouldn’t. But honestly the way of the world is rapidly changing & I’m a tad worried. & the terror around has massive amounts of guns, so looks like I need an Arsenal!

So as soon as my husband and I get back on track, you know that the training is coming. Plus a girlfriend of mine upped the ante. She is a hairdresser also & she said her & her fiancé go shooting in the woods & use the old doll heads for target practice. Now how does that not sound like fun!

*3.0 out of 30

Here are some things I can’t live without.

Just so you know, this is going to get superficial & materialistic. Like, don’t judge my life okay. We all know I can totally realistically live with out these items, BUT, I believe it would be rather boring if I only sat here & said:

  1. water
  2. oxygen
  3. food
  4. good hygiene

& so on. It just wouldn’t be a good blog entry. But here I’m about to get serious. Serious with the not so serious. BAZAANGA!

Moving to Montana has taught me that I cannot live without the internet. I was BASICALLY without internet for a few days & I have to say, I really missed you guys. I was so confused on who to share things with. Nobody here cares as much about the S*&7 I have to say the way that the internet does. Because even when no one is listening, someone is listening. Does that make sense?

Having a newly walking 1 year old has taught me that I cannot live without snacks. Its like, they live off of snacks. I swear to you. (& I promise you my son eats meals too, lol). But its crazy, when you find yourself out with out snacks, & that moment hits. You’re basically screwed. Drop everything now, because you must feed this child!

Another thing Montana has taught me is that I cannot live without a vehicle. I am going complete, “Here’s Johnny!”, out here. Cabin fever, it could possible happen though. I mean it is a real thing after all. I can’t wait wait wait, till 6am when my husband arrives with our truck. & I will be even MORE thrilled when we are able to purchase my own vehicle. Me & Braedyn want to adventure too!

Humanity itself, & me included, cannot live without cash just yet. There are just those times when you find yourself out of cash, & they simply do not accept cash, but hey! There is a nice little machine over there that wants $3.00 for you to withdrawl. AWESOME!

What are some things you can’t live without? Do you agree with me? Or am I completely crazy? Comment below your thoughts! Can’t wait to read them.