10.0 out of 30

Describe the world to someone who has been in a coma for 100 years…

Well good morning ma’am and welcome to the future. You have been in a coma for 100 years. When you fell asleep, things were a lot different than they are now. You will need to take this all in slowly, as the way of the world is not as you used to know it. Since its me explaining all the wonders the world has to offer, and not some scholar, we are going to start with the basics. Things that I find interesting in the world today.

When you fell asleep all those years ago, in order to find out information on ANYTHING, you would either need to go to a library and try to research from books or find someone who was a expert in such topic you were wanting to know about. Or you could go out and create these answers for yourself through extensive experiments, etc. Now a days, we find majority of our information on the internet. With a few touches of a few buttons, the entire worlds knowledge is at the grasps of our finger tips. And it is amazing! It started out with a computer. Some tons of scientists from over a span of a long long time, had ideas that we would have this type of technology. Finally, computers were created. On these computers, you had the internet. This internet connected the world together. Now instead of sending a letter on a horse to where  you needed it to go, and it taking days, weeks, or years to get there. You could send information through the sky, if you will, in the snap of a finger. And so long as the other person receiving this information was online as well, they would receive it in a matter of seconds, minutes. The entire world was now connected by this technology. And information was readily available. If you want to know how many eyes a fly has, you just hop on, type it in, and there we go. You had your answer. Now, I know this makes NO sense. So I will show you by first talking about the next amazing thing we use everyday.

When you fell asleep, telephones were not so big in America. There were landlines in some peoples homes, but not everyone had these telephones. Actually, very little people had these phones. What do telephones have to do with the internet? You will see. While you rested, we came a very long way from those landlines. More and more homes started to get landlines. Then landlines became cordless. You could walk around your entire home, without being bound to one place by the wretched curly cord. Then we got to cell phones and cell phones are now smartphones. Which is what I will show you and attempt to explain to you. This is my smartphone. Here on this phone, not online can you make phone calls to ANYONE, anywhere in the world, so long as they have a phone as well. You can play games, you can take notes, you can even take pictures and videos. I’ll explain videos to you later. You will be amazed! Its basically moving pictures. Besides that, this phone can be used practically anywhere. I take it with me and I am not only connected to people when I need to be, but I am connected to the internet. Here, see. The worlds information is at the grasps of my hands at any given moment. It has its ups and downs. I’m sure we’ve become lazier as a species somehow. But thats besides the point.

Those videos I were talking about look like this… They capture moments as pictures do, but in a whole new way! For me, videos have been around my whole life, but for you, its obviously a new a crazy idea! I push one button, and the phone/camera does the rest. If you want to know how it works, well, like I said, I’m no scholar, but you can use the phone/internet to look it up! Isn’t that something. Then you just point it at whatever it is you would want to capture and you now how a video of what we were just doing and saying. AMAZING!

When you fell asleep, traveling took quite sometime. Now we travel all over the world in what will seem like record speeds compared to what you are used to. Seeing here on the internet, the fastest a car used to be allowed to travel was 10mph. That was the speed limit. That is a crawl! I could run faster than that! Now, on main roads, speed limits can range from 25-45 mph, and when traveling on LARGE roads we call freeways, highways, and interstates, you can travel up to 80mph. In a car. Not to mention airplanes! Now a days, we travel by airplanes all the time. Its our fastest means of travel, if I’m not mistaken. Before, traveling from lets say California to New York would probably take maybe 4-5 days to a week by train. A rough guess to say the least. Now, you can travel that distance by plane in about 6 hours. That is if you can get a straight flight. Most times you have to stop off in other cities first, but thats because of other reasons that are based around money, I assume.

I think for now, that is all I am going to spew on you. There is so much more to learn, but for me to throw it all at you in one sitting would be rude of me. You did just wake up after all. I will leave you with this phone to play around with. Maybe you will find out much much more information on your own.


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