9.0 out of 30

Why does “being drunk” make people defensive? Wasn’t that your objective?

I have to say that I can sometimes be guilty of this myself. Though, in a sober state, I always wonder why we get so defensive about being drunk.

Two drinks in, start to slur a word here and there, and your friend calls out, “HAHAH, you’re drunk.” To which some people reply, “NO I’M NOT!” Its so hilarious! Like, isn’t that the point you are trying to get at though? Didn’t you drink these drinks with the idea that you just might possibly get drunk? But yet some of us still tend to get so defensive about being called drunk.

Is it because we want to hold our weight? Seem cooler because we can drink soooo much? Lol, it just was a thought of mine to discuss this. Because I have not been drunk in awhile, almost 2 years maybe? And I wanted to know what you all thought. Do any of you get this way?? Or is being called out on being drunk no big deal to you? Why do you think other people get so defensive about it? Leave me a comment, lets discuss it!

And to be honest, when I have had those, “no, i’m not,” moments, I have no idea why it was such a big deal to be drunk. It seems like maybe I was almost embarrassed? Which now just seems so stupid. Things that make you go HMMMM.


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