Babies…. The second time around.

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant. With my second child. It is amazing how different things can go from one pregnancy to the next. They are definitely polar opposites. The only thing that remains the same is that I still very much dislike being pregnant. I just don’t understand how those women out there who love being pregnant, love it. I just don’t. From the sickness in the beginning, to the growing out of clothes, all the way up to the not being able to move my body properly anymore. Even the baby moving kind of creeps me out sometimes!

With my first pregnancy, I was SO sick for the first 4 months. I could not eat anything. One bite, and I was off to the toilet. I had to force the food down a couple bites at a time to make sure I was getting enough nourishment. With my second pregnant, I would only get nauseous when I didn’t eat. It was a complete change from the first time. And a nice change for sure!

This time, I am also way bigger than I was the last time. I gained only 45lbs last pregnancy vs 57lbs, so far, this pregnancy. Which has in turn caused me to get MASSIVE stretch marks vs one tiny little scratch my first. That doesn’t really bother me so much, but when the marks appeared, it was like damn, I was doing so well!

And as far as nesting goes that is different also! I don’t feel the need to buy ALL the things I felt the need to buy the first time around. The essentials is all that is needed. Even “cleaning” the house in preparation isn’t on my to do list. The house is as the house will always be and I’m to exhausted to care.

I am so excited for little bean #2 to make his debut so I can see all the differences I will have with taking care of this second baby vs how I did things the first time.


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