Growing up but not growing old. 

I’m sitting here in my moms living room. My 17 year old counsin, my 21 year old other cousin, & cousins boyfriend of 19 years old are talking about Pokemon go. Then they started talking about the creator & his bug collection. & yada yada. Then they brought up his autism. So I peeped my little ears in. & they were wondering about his autism & how he was able to do such a thing. So I was trying to talk to the 21 year old cousin about how he has Aspergers. & she’s trying to focus in on me…. & then the 17 year old chimes in talking to the 19 year old “assburgers….teheheheheh.” Then I got irritated. Then I made a Twitter post. 

It started really getting me thinking about my self. Lol. & about how we can grow up & all life experiences slowly take us more & more into adulthood. For instance, I always related to my sixteen year old self. A very lost & scared & sad youth. But I was very close with God. & I was very much right in myself in most ways even when I thought I was lost. I don’t know if that makes sense. But as I grew older & older & father & farther away from sixteen, I still always felt that my actions & thoughts were still of that sixteen year old me. Now let me just let you know now, I am 25 years old. Almost 10 years from 16 & I still have moments where I like to think I’m still 16.  

But then life throws a real teenager at me & I’m FULLY reminded that I have most definitely grown since I was 16 years old. I have learned SO SO much since then. & I have so much more to learn. & I’m starting to realize at this age, that this might be the ripest time of my life. I am in a period within my own self that I can realize that although I am aging & growing & having to do adult things, and I’m learning which is pushing me towards growing towards more adult things, that doesn’t mean I have to let go of who I truly resonate with. & that is always the light hearted, unaffraid, daring, brave, give no shits teenaged girl. 

Side note! ****& for the teenager in my life that I speak of! If you are reading this, you know who you are. Don’t take this to heart, I am not upset with you. I, too, have made MANY a stupid comments out of ignorance. & God only knows I still say the stupidest of things. Because I just like the rest of us, do not know everything! It just bugged me because autism isn’t a funny thing! & you will (hopefully) learn that! Love you boo!****

So I hope you take something away from this blog post. It was just a little Twitter rant that turned into an eye opening moment for myself! So I thought I would share it with my readers. Thank you guys! Have a great night & God bless! 


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