8.0 out of 30 

Do you have a phobia??
I most definitely have MANY phobias. & a good majority are totally irrational. But yet I am freaked out irregardless. It’s always so interesting to know someone’s phobias. If they have the story behind why, it makes the whole thing so much more interesting. 

Before we get into this topic, I’d like to point out the two types of people in this world. & how they deal or approach other people’s phobias. The first type of person, is the jackass. This person here, is the type that the minute they find out what someone is scared of they use it against that person. They want to scare people & not think twice. They think the thing that a person is afraid of is silly & they can’t be THAT scared. 

Then there is the sympathizer. This person understands that no matter how silly someone’s fears are, they too have silly fears that really suck to have. 

So with that being said, one of my VERY irrational fears is of GECKOS. Yes, those little “cute” lizards from Hawaii. & Geico commercials. & probably other places but I’m from Hawaii so it’s all I know! Lol. I hate the way they move. I hate their sticky little fingers. I hate that their tails fall off & wiggle around & new tails grow back! Lol. I’m going to assume that an interaction I had with them as a child just must have scared me and creeped me the fuqqqqq out. I don’t know the exact incident. But I know I very much don’t want to ever have to deal with them. 

Another fear of mine, that I personally don’t see as irrational but people who don’t believe would think it is, is ghosts. Those bitches are scary. & i know its a combination with darkness because that’s when my imagination really grows. But for me, when I was a child, my childhood home had disturbances in it. & it really fucked with me. Like I have soooooo many stories that are just really unexplainable. & it just makes me so terrified of these spirits. To the point that when things happen unexplained it’s a big NOPE, you win, I’m out of here bye. Lol. They just really get my adrenaline kicking. 

A funny one I’ve heard of is tomatoes. Like the fruit that you eat! A family member of mine is completely utter grossed out freaked out scared of tomatoes. She can’t watch people eat them. She can’t really being around them. It’s so funny because it’s good, but clearly something happened in her life that left her scarred! 

What fears do you guys have? That are completely debilitating irrational. I have other fears of course but nothing that I’m so just completely a fool about. Let’s have a conversation. Tell me about one that you have or that you have heard of. 


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