We are so close. 

My oh my as the time goes by my little family & I are getting closer to finally getting into the swing of things. 

Since my husband got out of the military at the end of last year. We have been having some difficulty transitioning into civilian life. I honestly believe that it isn’t always this hard for people to transition out. But we have been given a tricky hand & we are working our way to getting our win. 

We have been house hopping like crazy while we spend the time working on getting our house all finished. We came into a really old trailer in need of some TLC. So we have been remodeling it.  Well it sure has been a process. We didn’t realize how much work this baby was going to need when we first got it. But little surprises seem to keep arizing. 

We had to tear out all the floors & walls in the back half of the house to start. The floors had been rotted out from leaks in a couple different places that were neglected. It even got crazy enough that I found a mummified cat corpse under our trailer. Yikes! Well we managed to get all new floors places down in the back half and redid all the  wall frames. 

Right now we are starting to work on getting the plumbing & electrical whatever nonsense put in. My husband is working his way to being a journeyman plumber & his brother is a journeyman electrician. So we made out on that part! (Hiring those guys would be EXPENSIVE!)

Once we get that done. It’s all about dry wall, laminate/carpet & that works. The kitchen needs just a small area of new flooring. The walls changed out. & cabinets & sinks & whatever appliances put it. Then I can get to my true work of painting & interior design.  

As we run through all these challenges that are causing headaches & gray hairs, we always start to think about kitchen colors. Or bathroom features. So that way, we remember our outcome. & that it is so close! & that helps us keep our heads grounded & push through to getting this baby done. 

It’s been a long & bumpy road. But it will be so worth it & feel so rewarding once we get it all done. & that we can look at it & know we put our hard work into building our home. 


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