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Hey readers, I just wanted to post yet another quickie. This one is a bit of an advertisement, but I’m advertising myself! 

I have just started an Etsy store. Right now there are just a few items aboard. I crochet & handcraft things. I am trying to create a bit of inventory before I post more, but slowly & surely there will be tons of cute items. At the moment, I mainly make orders depending on what family & friends request. But I am branching out to add more things. A lot of the things I make are for babies & toddlers, but it is not going to be limited to that. Soon I will be adding on my own home made bath bombs. There will also be bath bombs that are safe for children. 

It’s just a quirky little shop to help relieve my creative outlet. Can you believe that writing alone just doesn’t cut it! Lol. 

Well, with that said, I will drop a link below so that you may all check it out. & hopefully follow me & eventually find something you like & were looking for. 

Enjoy your day readers and God bless. 



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