Taco pizza (a simple recipe) 

I found this recipe online some years ago & I still love it! It’s so simple & easy. & did I mention, Delicious!!!! 

I usually tend to make it as one big rectangular pizza, but this time I was headed to a party so I made it cupcake sized. Still so very delicious! I love foods that bring family & friends together & is enjoyable!


So, for this cupcake recipie, I took a thing of pilsbury pizza dough. I broke it up into sizable amounts to fit into the bottom of the cupcake pan. After lining with a little non stick spray. 

Then, I stick this in the oven for the amount of time state on the can. While that is baking, I brown up the hamburger meat. I chose to season it with the pre made taco sauce packets, but you are more than welcome to season as you please! 

Once the dough is cooking to a light golden brown, remove from oven. As the meat is simmering it the taco sauce, I take a can of refried beans & water it down to a smooth spreadable paste. Line each cupcake with the beans. Next, I layer the meat. (Sometimes I add a layer of crushed up tortilla chips for crunch, but this time I forgot.*sad face*). Then cheese goes next & back into the oven for 5 minutes or until cheese is melted on top. Times will differ depending on your oven. 

Lastly I topped with some olives. & brought a tub of sour cream if people wanted. You are free to add whatever toppings you like on your Mexican food! 

Ingredients :

1lbs ground hamburger meat. 

1 can pilsbury pizza dough

1 can refried beans 

Four cheese Mexican blend


Sour cream

I hope you enjoyed reading this little recipie! I enjoyed cooking & eating it! Definitely give it a try. I bet you will add it to your monthly loves!! 

Have a nice day readers. & let me know if you do or already have tried something like this. 


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