*5.0 out of 30

Bad habits! YUCK! 

Today I will talk a little about some of my bad habits & maybe just some known common bad habits. Why? Well, why not?!

One of my ‘bad habits’ is fidgeting. When I get nervous or anxious, (which is like all the time!), I fidget. I either twirl my rings around, shake my leg or ankle, play with my hair or a combination! When I notice myself doing it, it bothers me & I make the conscious effort to stop, but subconsciously I start doing it. I haven’t done my research on how to be more confident or how to stop doing my bad habits & start creating good habits! If anyone has some suggestions, I am all ears.

Another bad habit of mine brought on again by nerves or anxiety, is to bite the inside of my lips or cheeks. & I’m not talking a little nibble, sometimes it gets to bleeding & next day its a canker sore. No joke. Please don’t judge me! I just don’t handle my stress like a BIG GIRL. It is something I’ve struggled with for a very long time, & its also one of the reasons I got my tongue pierced. (OH MY WORD! YES! MY TONGUE IS PIERCED. I promise it will be okay, for all you nonbelievers of body piercings). Anyways, I got it pierced because I play with it & pull at it instead of biting my lips opens. It’s a nice alternative that doesn’t leave me in pain.

We all know one of those really awesome bad habits that happens to effect a lot of people. Its smoking! Nicotine, that freaking killer, you! Well, I used to be one of those people with this very NASTY bad habit. I just recently kicked that one in the bucket about a month & a half ago. I do have to say, that it is so freeing. They are right, those anti cigarette commercials, that we are chained to it. ” ….. oh hold up guys, I need a smoke break.” Like UH UH! That $H@& doesn’t hold me back anymore. & I couldn’t be more happy & healthy! What a bonus!?

I had to do some research on bad habits because I realized I couldn’t figure out one that I didn’t sometimes do. SO, I found the nail biting! AH HA, nail biters of the world, I GOT YOU on this one! This is something that I actually never had to struggle with. I have had friends & family though who did & I don’t understand it. But I do understand why! Because of above listed reasons. Did you know it is one of the big YUCKIES of the bad habits because it can get you sick! I didn’t know that, but it could. I guess because of all of lifes awesomeness gets caught up under your nail, & when you bite it off, it gets in your mouth, & even when you spit your nail out, you might get some bacteria stuck to your tongue, & it travels down your throat & so on! (Like my run on sentence? My apologies, I just had to. Imagine tiny old me in a one breathed rant right there. lol.)

Another one I came across online was nose picking. I know I know. I honestly understand why how & whatever. That it is a bad habit. But I think its a bad habit at certain times. Because honestly, I pick my nose, & I pick it with pride! I have to. There are just some days when those little stinkers get caught up in your nose & you really are left with no choice but to dig on in. I just think there is a time & place. & children definitely need to be instilled on this little when & where bit.

What are some of your bad habits? Do you have a process of eliminating those habits? Or are you like me, stuck with dealing with them on an almost daily basis? Don’t worry if you are, we can band together to figure it out! Hope you all have a wonderful & blessed day!


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