*4.0 out of 30 

Let’s talk about guns! 

Oh the wonderful world & it’s guns. & there’s so much political nonsense going on about it. & that is one thing I promise this blog post isn’t headed towards.

The first time I have every shot a gun, (a real life bullet & gun powder gun) was 3 years ago. & believe it our not, that was my only time. I grew up in Hawaii, so I never really had a need for a weapon. Literally you don’t need to pack heat to feel safe in Hawaii.  & I was not raised on hunting. So I lived a carefree gun free life.

My husband, on the other hand, was raised in Montana & on the hunting life. So he knew & was comfortable with guns. Plus he was in the military. & honestly there isn’t a thing wrong with how either of us were raised. It was just completely different. Lol.

Now I have absolutely no problem with guns. So long as the person wielding the gun knows what they are doing. I just never cared to learn because I had no reason to learn.

& I never would have thought I wanted a gun, & normally I wouldn’t. But honestly the way of the world is rapidly changing & I’m a tad worried. & the terror around has massive amounts of guns, so looks like I need an Arsenal!

So as soon as my husband and I get back on track, you know that the training is coming. Plus a girlfriend of mine upped the ante. She is a hairdresser also & she said her & her fiancé go shooting in the woods & use the old doll heads for target practice. Now how does that not sound like fun!


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