Christmas has its ups and downs. 

This Christmas was an interesting one at that. My husband just got out of the military a few months ago & we have been in the middle of a big move & hella everyday life dramas. We are trying are best to get through all the stress, but there was no way I was going to pass up Christmas.  Not when it was my sons first real Christmas. 

He is now 1 & he had a blast opening up his presents! & he partied like a rock star. This was definitely my up, because I wanted him to not go with out. & the reason I say without is because when we decided we were moving states once the military thing was done my son was still in his “learning to be a human” phase. He didn’t really have a lot of toys & what not. So on his first birthday, we asked our family & friends to help us with his college tuition instead of getting him toys, because the move was already crazy enough. So again for Christmas I wanted to make sure he didn’t go without because he loves toys & he didn’t have any! Especially complicated learning toys. 

Now the downs to this Christmas were much worse than normal because we’ve been bouncing all around this country. & times for our little family just aren’t ideal. & the stress was causing mad strife between the adults. & I know I’m lacking in details on this part, but really it’s just life & it’s none of anyone one else’s business what we argued about. Plus, you probably really don’t care. Lol. 

But all in all, it was still fantastic  because I won’t ever remember the bickering over the joy & smiles on all the children’s faces when they received their gifts.& being with my family that I haven’t seen in 3 years. & that’s the point of this holiday anyways. To be with family, to give what you can to others. (If you’re not religious of course, because then it’s all about the birth of our lord & savior! For he was the ultimate gift!) 

Merry Christmas all! God bless & have a wonderful new year!  



8 thoughts on “Christmas has its ups and downs. 

  1. Opinionated Man

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    I wish you and your husband the best as you transition into the civilian world! It can be hard! I know from my own transition experience! I hope your family gets settled quickly and happy late holidays to all of you! -OM
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    Thoughts and prayers for all of you at this very busy time in your life. It will all work out in time. Keep God in your hearts and you will be surprised at how it will come about. So glad you could be with your family again. Happy New Year to you all! 🙂

    • anarawr808

      Thank you so much! It was wonderful to hear this. Its amazing you say that, because me & my little family have made it an effort to get back into church & worship. I believe the same that God will help up through this hard time. Happy New Year to you as well!


        So glad I could lift your spirits. I have many low spots in my life and I am always glad to read a post, or get an uplifting response to help me. I am glad I could do that for you and your family. Praying you will find the right church to get into. I too am glad the holidays are done. I need to settle into a routine again. Still working on that. 🙂 Have a great week.

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