*3.0 out of 30

Here are some things I can’t live without.

Just so you know, this is going to get superficial & materialistic. Like, don’t judge my life okay. We all know I can totally realistically live with out these items, BUT, I believe it would be rather boring if I only sat here & said:

  1. water
  2. oxygen
  3. food
  4. good hygiene

& so on. It just wouldn’t be a good blog entry. But here I’m about to get serious. Serious with the not so serious. BAZAANGA!

Moving to Montana has taught me that I cannot live without the internet. I was BASICALLY without internet for a few days & I have to say, I really missed you guys. I was so confused on who to share things with. Nobody here cares as much about the S*&7 I have to say the way that the internet does. Because even when no one is listening, someone is listening. Does that make sense?

Having a newly walking 1 year old has taught me that I cannot live without snacks. Its like, they live off of snacks. I swear to you. (& I promise you my son eats meals too, lol). But its crazy, when you find yourself out with out snacks, & that moment hits. You’re basically screwed. Drop everything now, because you must feed this child!

Another thing Montana has taught me is that I cannot live without a vehicle. I am going complete, “Here’s Johnny!”, out here. Cabin fever, it could possible happen though. I mean it is a real thing after all. I can’t wait wait wait, till 6am when my husband arrives with our truck. & I will be even MORE thrilled when we are able to purchase my own vehicle. Me & Braedyn want to adventure too!

Humanity itself, & me included, cannot live without cash just yet. There are just those times when you find yourself out of cash, & they simply do not accept cash, but hey! There is a nice little machine over there that wants $3.00 for you to withdrawl. AWESOME!

What are some things you can’t live without? Do you agree with me? Or am I completely crazy? Comment below your thoughts! Can’t wait to read them.


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