New suede shoes for my new life style. The hubby, baby, & I have ventured off to Montana to start a new chapter in our lives. We have been here for all of 2 1/2 days. It is very different. Very hard to adjust. I wish we had our own place. Everything is so difficult when we are living out of suitcases & bouncing from home to home. I have to say, I do very much so appreciate all the people who have put us up, who have taken us in & have delt with all our craziness. But, I want my own craziness again. & more so, I want my baby to have a routine again. This is just so tough for him. & by golly he his handling it so so wonderfully. I swear, you would never even know he’s a baby he’s just so gosh darn good! 

Coming from Hawaii to Montana in the fall, probably wasn’t the best idea. I mean, the culture shock on top of the weather change, its throwing me for a loop. & I mean, everything I know & am used to is gone. Its like me & my baby are learning together all over again. I no longer talk properly, or carry myself right, or even order food the same. Its hard being the sore thumb. & its even harder when everyone is telling you you aren’t. But to be quite honest, I am the sore thumb. & as difficult as it is to be the one that isn’t the same, I also pray that I never change. Because I am who I am. (Which is also why I dyed my hair blue before we got here. Must remember to keep & embrace the crazy that is me). & as much as I may bend to fit the mold here. I must always remember to add a little touch of me, to whatever it is that Montana throws my way. 


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