*1.0 out of 30

Let me get some explaining on.

A tidbit before starting this blog entry. why its named 1 & what not. well its not the first blog entry & its got nothing to do with 1, but it is the first of the nameless blog series. I mean I always have the hardest time with headers because I want them creatively perfect & they let me down. so a number series seems like the best thing yet to do. & why out of 30? Because I would like to post at least 1 a day. So, by the end of a 30 day cycle, I want AT LEAST 30 post.  I think you catch my drift.


I’ve been around a lot of people younger than me lately. & a wide variety of ages at that. & its got me thinking about my own childhood. When I’m around babies, I think back to the pictures my parents took of me. & the millions of stories they have about the pictures, & even moments uncaptured. When I’m around toddlers, I am completely jealous. They have such curiousity & wonder & unconditional love & joy. I remember from my childhood the endless stories I was able to come up with. & anything & everything was just a grasp away. If I believed it to be true, that was just it, it was true.

Now I’ve recently gotten to hang around some teenagers & that was a little intimidating. & That is because, I don’t think I entirely relate. I mean, the boy craze & the wanting to party, & feeling immortal. Sure, I understand that. The wanting to grow up & be an adult so that the wonders in my head could become real. But something about these kids these days is just so different. So brutal. I mean, best friends speak to each other the way I remember speaking to someone I might not like very much. & the rate at which they feel the need to grow up, seems even more intense! & it really is funny because now, what I wouldn’t give to go back & be a teen again. Just sometimes though.


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