Where to find motivation

I lack the motivation needed to do even simple tasks some days. 

Like washing dishes or picking up after everyone. 

I look around and there is so much to be done, that I get over whelmed and I end up sitting back and not doing any of it. 

But then later I regret it and feel bad. For being unmotivated. 

For being stressed. 

For being over whelmed. 

And that sadness causes a vicious cycle. 


One thought on “Where to find motivation

  1. Amanda

    All week I have done nothing but sleep or slouch. Until today when out of no where I was vacuuming and hanging clothes and putting dishes away and all other exciting things. Dont push yourself. If you can’t be bothered, why bother? I say this but I dont preach it because like you, I end up stressed and sad about it all. It is what it is, the houseowork will wait for you. It’ll be there tomorrow xx

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