The male ego

I was driving home from base the other day when a man on his moped/scooter got behind me. Now when driving on base, you have to obey the speed limit to a T because they get you. The mp’s crawl out the woodwork and get you! Lol. But anyways, so this man on his little scooter seems very irritated behind me. Revving his little engine, getting close, backing away. It’s like, dude, there’s nothing I can do for you bro, I’m sorry. 

So we are reaching the gate about to exit base when a motorcycle pulls up next to us. Now once I cross base lines, I gun it. Lol I have a need for speed. It’s a serious problem. Anyhow, this man on his moped now feels threaten by a higher male species. At least that’s what it seemed, because the revving became more apparent. And he got out from behind me, and ended up behind the man on the motorcycle. 

So, we cross that base line, out on civilian land, and this scooter man guns it. And it’s so hilarious to me because the man on the motorcycle clearly could have blown him away in seconds. And it was as if he was trying to provoke the motorcycle man. 

And all I could think of was “the male ego.” 


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