Shopping day

Today I decided to splurge a little for myself. I have always had a hard time spending money, especially on myself. I always know in my heart that I don’t actually need it, and that the money in my account looks a lot prettier than whatever it is I’m trying to purchase. Lol. But today I decided to go out and get a dress. 

You see, I have a wedding to attend on Friday and I decided while I was pregnant, to purge everything nice I had. Because I wouldn’t be needing it anymore, of course. Well, I was wrong. So out I went and my cousin came with me. I had only the intentions of buying ONE dress, because as stated above, the money is much more pretty. Lol. But my cousin, being one of my best friends, decides to convince me that FOUR dresses were needed to be bought. So I did! And I had a mini heart attack. But I did it. Lol 

I’ve also posted the dresses because I know you all are just dying to know what I bought. Tomorrow I’m going out for shoes. Just ONE pair though. Lol. And don’t mind the faces and poses. I was messing around with the hubby.  


The second picture and only long dress, is the one being worn to the wedding. The rest is for work/fun. 

Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment any recent purchases you’ve made. I’d love to hear about it. 


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