You know those times….

…when you are still awake at 2am, but you’re in bed trying to fall asleep. & you come up with a couple of ideas for your next blog posts. But you’re so tired & lazy that you don’t want to get up to jot it down. So you hope & pray that you can hold on to those ideas. But you don’t. And they are gone. Not forever. But who knows when they will show up again, but hopefully soon. 


23 thoughts on “You know those times….

  1. imperfectous

    I learned the hard way that I am a prisoner of my words and thoughts and their punishment when I do not pay attention to them when they want me to, is to disappear, with no clear indication on when they will return.

  2. penteller696

    Most smartphones these days all contain a voice recorder. Create a shortcut on your phone for it and keep it close. When this happens just record keywords. By doing this you’ll recall your thoughts \ dreams \ visions πŸ™‚ And yes, it’s happened to me ample times.

  3. annieblu2014

    Yes, I know those times…and it is frustrating to see good and interesting ideas disappearing into thin air. So why not put a pencil and paper at hand for when the big ideas come? You donΒ΄t even have to get out of bed… πŸ™‚

  4. Marcus

    there is a small hand-held voice recorder on my bedside table. I originally put it there for those new song ideas that woke me up at 3am – – but they could be useful for blog ideas…. maybe that could help?

    • anarawr808

      It’s funny, because I’ve thought of this, but I’m so lazy that if I’m not facing the bedside table, I won’t want to roll over. It will break my sleep concentration.
      I have issues falling asleep.

  5. Alice

    And then you dream or nightmare about them and the ideas become ghosts that stalk you until you cry out:

    OK! I did it! I ignored you and I vow to never do it again!

    Sorry, my overactive imagination made me type that. I ignored him this morning.

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