Baby mum mums 

My little man has gotten his first experience with mum mum rice crackers. It always so amazing to watch him try new things or learn new things. He just gets so amazed by it. 

My mother (Mami) was not so excited by the experience. She was so worried he would choke on it. She kept repeating, “I don’t want to watch.” Over and over. I was not so worried. For reasons such as, the cracker does melt easily & my boy is an eater. So far, out of everything he has tried, he only has distaste for green beans. lol. So rice crackers were & are a go! 

Now I feel this will make our outings a tiny bit easier also, because I can distract him with food. Hehe. Seeing as he loves it so much, & he could use the extra pounds, it sounds like a good idea to me. 


One thought on “Baby mum mums 

  1. rddocke

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