Nights like these

Even though it’s only 24 hours, it is still nights like these that I wish we didn’t have to do.  (You will all be reading this the next morning, for my safety of course. 😜) I hate not being able to fall asleep next to my husband. These nights and many more might be on the agenda a little while more, but I just wait for the day where there are no more missed nights. It’s so strange living this life style. We make routines with each other, get comfortable. & then poof, he has to be gone. & no matter the amount of time, it hurts. & the longer ones, well, we start to build a routine on our own, & get into a new swing of things. & then sooner than we can finally believe, he comes back home. & once again we must remember each other’s ways. Get back into the new/old swing of things. 


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