7 months

Sure has snuck up on me really fast. He has grown up so much in seven months. Who knew so many amazing changes could happen in what normally seems like a shorter period of time. 

If you’re a little confused, I am speaking about my son. A little over 7 months ago I gave birth to my little man. He has been my pride and joy. I don’t even remember life without him, or what I would do without him. 

And each day I fall more and more in love. And I cannot wait to be here for all of his accomplishments. I have felt so many knew emotions I never knew existed before he arrived in my life. Seeing him learn to grab, hold, roll over, sit up, etc, I could never explain to anyone what that’s like to witness. Especially knowing that you created that such being that is learning and growing so fast. 

All in all, I have loved and am loving every day of being a mother. I’m learning just as much as he is. 


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