Back in action

Yesterday I had my first day back at work in a Salon. I have been out of work for a long time! Over a year. It was amazing. I had a lot of fun. The staff are great, the clientele was great. My first appointment was a little old lady, & we did her perm. The one thing thats so hard about older clients, & I feel bad, is that they always get their backs wet in the shampoo bowl, because they have a hard time moving around. They are way less flexible. Poor souls. My second client was actually a friend of another stylists client. She came in wanting a hair cut & some fun color. But, she already had fun colors in her hair. Some blue, purple, & pinks. Like neon status. But now she was wanting to take her hair down to silver & then do those same colors in pastel. So it is definitely a process. We started by extracting all the old fun colors she had going on. All thats left yesterday was a little blue spots. Then we brought her roots up to match the ends of her hair which were previously lightened. Then we refreshed her cut. Basically think Miley Cyrus haircut. So the integrity of her hair was in jeopardy, so we left it at that for now. She rebooked for next weekend & we will continue the process then!

All in all, it was a good day back in the salon. & I am excited to see where this adventure takes me!


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