Just a few of those pet peeves.

I have come to realize that I am so much better off at home in the safety of my four walls. Drivers really scare the hell out of me lately. First off, the lack of blinker usage is too damn low!!! I have seen so many people driving around like crazy, cutting everyone off. It fuels my anger. I always just wished that the world would be full of bumper cars, so that when you get aggravated by someone’s driving actions, you could ram them and get away with it. I get that that would never be ideal, but it would come in handy on those certain driving days. Second, the “thank you.” Is it really so hard to throw one hand up in acknowledgment for the fact that I just let you in!? (See that, I’m getting frustrated just thinking about it. ) I mean, you can be on your phone with that extra hand you have seem to have, so just toss it up in the air. Make my day. I mean, even if you cut me off without your blinker, thanking me would take that edge off a little. & I did just say that blinkers bug me. Third, when people are trying to pull out of a drive way, (especially on a one way street), and I try to make room to let them in, but they are looking the other way or not paying attention. Like helloooooo, I am here, making room, trying to be nice, and now you are lolly gagging. Very annoying. Now I have to catch up before some jerk with no blinker cuts me off. Lol

Sorry for long rant post. Just wanted to write about my road rage.lol


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