The Holidays

The holidays have crept upon us very fast. I can’t believe once again we are headed into another new year.

My pregnancy went by so fast that I can still remember first finding out like it was yesterday. So fresh in my mind. & the sickness that followed soon after. & now my baby boy is close to three months old.

This year is definitely a special one for us in so many ways. Its our last holidays on the island. Its our first holidays with Braedyn. So we are trying to hold on to every last bit of it & spend time with as much people as possible.

Even though we know that our next adventure is going to be awesome & there are so many new memories to be made. We will miss all the friends we’ve made here and the memories that came with. & this, of course, is not goodbye. This is just a cause to travel more. May the road trips commence!

With that said, may all of your holidays be filled with joy, blessings & good company.


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