Little Date Night.

On friday, November 14, 2014, my husband took me out to a night on the town. I should start by saying that the reason for this elaborate dinner outting was because we were supposed to have gone to our Marines birthday ball that night, but my husband decided against it. So I told him he owes me! lol. I recommended us going to Top of Waikiki, a $$$ restaurant that over looks waikiki & it also spins 360 degrees. It is wonderful food, great atmosphere, & perfect view. He had never been to it, so I thought it would be a great experience. (Especially if we are leaving the Island sooner than planned. This is for another entry topic).

My husband was so silly. We ordered crab cakes as an appetizer & 2 cakes came out. My husband just kind of stared at it in confusion for a moment & then says, “….but its like the bread right?? You finish one, & they bring out more to you?” I couldn’t help but laugh. We definitely were not used to fine dinning.

After we got done at dinner, we met up with a few friends for some drinks, since they were done at the ball & still wanting to party the night away. We hopped from a couple places & then ended up at a tiny hole in the wall with $1 Karaoke. Thats where we ended our night. Singing our hearts out. We had a much needed night out to ourselves, & it turned out really well.

We are so blessed to be surrounded by people that can help & support us through this first baby. & give us the little breaks here & there that we need.


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