Dreams are the strangest things.

Last night I had a dream that my husband & I were down at the pool in our complex. They had renovated it & given us a sauna & a jacuzzi. Well, in this magical dream sauna, there was an ultra sound machine. Lol.

So we turn it on & go to have a look at our little bean. & he is a little towhead with the hugest smile on his face. ( of course you can’t see hair color in an ultrasound, that i’m aware of, lol & he also had a full set of teeth. XD ). One of my first thoughts beside that fact that that smile  was his fathers, was that the German was strong in this one! haha.


Now some back history. I was lighter haired as a child, but never that light. I have no idea about my husband lol, I haven’t gotten to see baby pictures yet, lol. But my father was a towhead. LOL & so I’m wondering if it could be skipping generation. XD


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