For the very few minuscule amount of you there is out there that care about what I write about, I have let you down. & I am greatly apologetic about that! 

I think its just so hard for me because I am not really sure what people want to hear. But I don’t think I should focus on that. This is my blog about me, and if you like reading about my life. The things I choose to share with you, then great!! But if not, then that’s okay too, because I’m sure it isn’t for everyone.

So here I am to catch up. 

I cannot believe the last thing that I wrote about was Halloween. SO much has happened since! 

Firstly, Sam came home in November. He almost had to stay an extra month. It was so wonderful to have him back home. But, it was also really hard for both of us to deal with having each other around again. I was expecting help around the house again & he was used to not having to do anything but work & play. So it definitely was frustrating at times. 

Thanksgiving we had at a friends house on the military base. Lets just say that it was one for the books. Lol. Overall though, I had a pretty good time. 

All the friends decided to take a holiday to host & we got christmas. Apparently everyone wants turkey on Christmas as well. So I was up bright as early prepping all the food. This was the first time in my life that I was going to be cooking a Turkey. Usually my mom or uncle would do it. But we all grow up and take over some time. I never knew that we had to pull out the neck & insides ourselves. I always just assumed that that part was taken care of. I had such a hard time doing this! It took me almost a half an hour because I was so freaked out of ripping out the neck. Hahaah. I realized that there was no one to help me, & wasn’t going to be anyone for awhile. This bird needed to get in the oven, so I took a few deep breaths & talked myself into it. 

I had to laugh at myself after that, but I just felt so weird. after the turkey and stuffing were done, I started to put together my apple pie. Which came out amazing by the way! This time I just used pre-rolled dough because mother said I didn’t have enough time. Lol, so next time, I will definitely do it all by hand! I love baking. I also made a banana cream pie, because those are my favorite!

It was a very successful night of food, drinks & laughs. We exchanged all the gifts of secret santa & played charades. 

To be honest. New years was just new years. Nothing really special to be had about that. I guess that really is all there was to the ending of last year.


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