Its been awhile . . .

So the holidays, on top of my wedding, on top of being fired have all gotten me very stressed and very distracted. I just wanted to say my quick apologies.

Christmas and thanksgiving were good. Not like being a kid, but I will always make it feel magical. Can’t not have that.

New years is right around the corner and that to me is almost just another day. I never make resolutions, I don’t get excited thinking that the year will treat me better, I just keep living this one life I got and making the best. I don’t make resolutions because I usually don’t have something as important as “lose weigh,” “go back to school” “be a nicer person” idk. Haha, to me everyday I have something work on, and if I work on the small stuff, the big stuff just comes together. And as far as the “this year will be better than last,” that really is all up to you…. No one or no god or no universal power is going to just magically make things better without either you realllyyyy wanting it to, or you working towards a new.

Well, I better get going. Wedding preparations to take care of. Have a wonderful day all!


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