Fashion Week. For me anyway.

Wednesday I had my fitting to my first runway show. It was hectic and crazy and I loved every minute of it. The first three dresses Shanelle (head whatever of the show) picked for me fit wonderfully and I was in and out in no time.

Thursday was our dress rehearsal. Of course things didn’t go smoothly, but it was our first run. Half or majority of us girls being amateurs things were bound to not go right. But, it definitely wasn’t as bad as it could have. Mostly it was about timing. Watching the girl in front. Making sure to keep in time and not walk faster or slower or whatever else they tried to drill in us in an hour. Then, went downstairs to get unchanged and what not, and Shanelle asked if anyone could stay and help for the show that night. So. like DUHHH, of course I was going to stay. Finally got a garment to wear and headed off to hair and make up. Low and behold my teacher and classmate from Paul Mitchell The School were there to doll us up. The show was fast. There were only like 17 girls in this show. After we did our walk down the runway, we had to stand around in a room for all the guests to come and admire the designers works of art. I was wearing a trench coat. Charcoal and black. Very abstract, a lot of layering and flowiness. (I’m not the best clothing describer, I apologize for that). By the time the handed out the champagne to everyone, my feet were in agonizing pain. The designer had brought boots with her for me to wear with the coat, but they were about a size and a half to big for my feet. I rocked them anyways. Gotta do what I got to do. After about 30 pictures and two glasses of champagne I was set free and so were my feet. It was wonderful.

Friday, day of the show!  Showed up at 1:30 for hair and make up. That was done really fast, so I had about two hours to just sit around and wait for the show to begin. Everything went really smoothly for us only having one day for practice and what not. This show, unlike the night before, and 50 girls and two runs each. 107 outfits about. I was so nervous but it was a blast. I messed up the first walk a little bit but I sure as hell bounced back. =] My finance and our significant others (to be explained at a later date) were there watching and I couldn’t have been more happy.

Overall, I really do love modeling. I wish I could do it all the time. Its just so much fun to have everything come down to the wire, everyone running around, the stress, the clothes, EVERYTHING! Maybe more future endeavors will surface, but until then I will still be a hardworking girl. 


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