First Post Nerves

Well here I am joining wordpress. I don’t really know where I am going to go with this just yet, but I am very excited to get started. I simply just love to write, whether it is any good or not, I just love it. Mostly I will be posting about my life. What I do, what I think, how I feel, etc. There may even be pictures to come with it. Especially since I am getting married in January! Then one day, maybe I can get more focused and stick with some topic to write about, but for now lets get wild. 

Lets get to know me a little.
      I am currently employed at Beyond Bare Waxing. I will be staying on as front desk until I get my license in cosmetology. I then will possibly be doing hair as well. I love doing updo’s, cutting, and make up. I plan to focus on those and hopefully get established soon. 
      I, like stated above, am getting married in January. I am very excited to start a new fresh life with the most wonderful man in the world. Our wedding is circus themed because I just cannot get enough of the circus life. I actually almost went off to clown school. Haha. But, back to the wedding. It is going to be a smaller wedding with about 50 max people. Once we can actually save up more money, we will probably renew our vows and have a bigger blow out. He just wants to get married before he deploys so that he “knows I’m taken care of.” He’s such a sweetie. 

  • I can’t get enough of kittens
  • My fish has babies and those babies had babies
  • I do not want to grow up. (But who really does?)
  • I know nothing about politics
  • I wish I was ambidextrous so my right hands nail polish would look just as spectacular.    

Alright folks, I will not keep you any longer.   If anyone out there is reading this, and has a random topic to throw out there, please feel free to help me expand and grow my blog.


One thought on “First Post Nerves

  1. Rellick

    Hi, welcome to the world of blogging. The best lesson I got on blogging was reading other blogs. I now post mostly poems, but they are from my deepest thoughts. Happy Blogging.

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